Getting to Know Each Other

A fresh start is so intimidating and exciting at the same time!

If you are a long-time reader, hello, and welcome back! It has been so long since I took a (very extended) leave of absence from Analytical Mom, and I’ve really, really missed it!


If this is brand new for you, hello and welcome! I’m Danielle, and once upon a time, I had a very small and insignificant mommy blog called Analytical Mom, where I basically talked endlessly about my life as a new mom. It sounds awesome, right?  Ha.  But that’s what everybody was doing in 2011.  Although I never made it big, that first foray online was where I learned about Paleo eating, GAPS, homesteading, and even survival/food storage. It was an amazing introduction to the world of online community.

Since the end of Analytical Mom, I’ve had a good chance to step back and decide just what it is that is important to our family, what seems to work in our lives, and what we want to focus our time and attention on.

smiling baby on grass
You guys, how could I possibly blog when I had this cuteness staring at me all day?


The last 4 years have been a breath of fresh air – an incredibly precious time for our young family.  In that time, we’ve started homeschooling in earnest, put down roots in our local rural community, and evolved personally as parents and as individuals.  

And now that we are coming out of the dark “tunnel years” of parenting very young children, we are finding that we have insights, ideas, and – above all – compassion to share with others who are just beginning those years.  That is where this website was born.  

This is a place (that will gradually become) full of resources and ideas to help a new world of families Learn and Grow together.





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